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quarta-feira, 1 de junho de 2016

Nanotechnology, Creation and God. | Prof Russell Cowburn | TEDxStHelier

Russell Cowburn is Professor of Experimental Physics at the University of Cambridge where he leads a large research team studying the physics and applications of nanotechnology. He is also a Christian. In this talk he describes what nanotechnology is, how it might be used to help solve global problems such as climate change and how we might begin to answer questions such as ‘what does God think about nanotechnology?

A new industrial revolution is underway in which nanotechnology is being deployed in real products and offering possible solutions to climate change, water scarcity and growing healthcare needs as well as providing further answers to questions of origins of life. Is nanotechnology therefore a force for good, bringing relief to people in need and shedding further light on what it means to be human? Should faith communities embrace it positively? Or is it a threat, offering rival explanations for the origins of life and risking enormous environmental damage should it ever escape from our control? Professor Cowburn, who is both a nanotechnologist and a Christian, will give an overview of nanotechnology and discuss the ethics and theology of this new technology

Fonte: TEDx Talks