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sexta-feira, 14 de dezembro de 2012

America Rising, a Nation on The Brink of a New Industrial Revolution


An economic sea change is underway in America right now. It’s based not on the outward-looking thinking of the country’s industrial past, but on a new, inward perspective driven by the kind of entrepreneurship and scientific innovation now
at work in the amazing new field of nanotechnology, an industry whose recent and
projected growth rates are simply breathtaking.

"America’s preeminence depends on investing
wisely in innovation, technology, and basic research,
says Barack Obama.

Indeed, as the above chart dramatically shows, by 2014 nanotechnology will boast $2.6 trillion in global revenues, representing 15 per cent of all projected worldwide manufacturing output.
Just consider that in 2004, total global revenues in the field stood at $13 billion
Within this expanding framework, emerging R&D players such as Nano
Labs Corp. (OTCQB: CTLE) are leading the way to industrial growth and investment opportunities holding untold promise for a new American industrial revolution. It’s no idle claim.
We’re talking about a revolution promising advancements that not only impact virtually every industrial product and process, but the lives and goods of everyday consumers. Changes may far exceed that of the first industrial transformation,
which began more than 200 years ago.
But instead of steam engines, oil wells, and automobiles, this revolution involves innovative technologies and the manipulation of matter and molecules at scales millions of times smaller than the words you are now reading.

"“I seek to strengthen the American economy by 
empowering entrepreneurs and rewarding innovation,” 
says Mitt Romney.

Industrially speaking, perhaps we
ought to explore a little further the inward-bound versus outward-bound perspectives we’ve mentioned.
The recent presidential debates tell a story about a nation has been looking outward for some time and licking its wounds. From U.S. manufacturing moving offshore and the financial
tumult of 2008, to a $16 trillion deficit, joblessness, and the rise of China as an industrial titan, America appears to be fast slipping as the world’s economic superpower.
Yet within the framework of debate issues, another story is taking shape -
a story about a country that is looking inward to its strengths
in more ways than one. 
Truth is, Republicans and Democrats agree that America has not lost its
mojo as a can-do nation of innovators, individuals and enterprises with the
ability to pull together and cross aisles to overcome adversity and achieve
great things.
So it is with inwardly-driven developments in nanotechnology.
For all the evidence of a system of government that is “broken,” there is equal evidence of an America that is set to lead a new global industrial revolution, with Nano Labs being a prime example of how U.S. leadership will be sustained.