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segunda-feira, 22 de abril de 2013

President's Environmental Youth Award (PEYA) Winners

Each April, EPA gives special recognition and a presidential plaque to the President's Environmental Youth Award regional winners.

2012 Regional Winners


EPA Region 3

The Use of TI02 Implemented Nanoparticles with the Aid of Ultra Violet Light to Help Deterge and Detoxify Groundwater, to the Extent of Being Consumed
Murwarid Rahimi
The goal of Murwarid's research was to figure out a cheap, effective and environmental friendly method for water purification. The idea, discovered through investigation, is the use of titanium dioxide, in the form of implemented organic nanoparticles, to purify water. The oxidizing and photocatalysis properties of TI02 nanoparticles instigated the proposal of this simple technique. With the help of ultraviolet light and Murwarid's high school biology lab, this experiment was completed and proven to be accurate with astonishing supporting data and analysis. Murwarid proved that as increasing amounts of TI02 implemented nanoparticles were added to the 10.0 ml of contaminated water, derived from the Potomac River, the more visually and statistically purified the water became.