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terça-feira, 30 de julho de 2013

Increase the Impact of Nano Research with Nano Archive (Institute of Nanotechnology) and Nanopaprika

TINC Hot Papers and the Nano Archive Join Forces to Increase the Impact of Nano Research 
  • How can you widen access to your papers and publications?
  • How can you increase the impact of your research output?
The International NanoScience Community ( and the Nano Archive ( are combining resources to raise the profile of nano-related research output.
  • With over 6437 members from more than 80 countries, TINC is already showcasing the latest cutting edge research to the global nano community through its ‘Hot Papers’ section
  • With almost 9,000 fully searchable items and 2000 full texts, the Nano Archive – managed by the Institute of Nanotechnology – can host your abstracts, papers, articles, book chapters, proceedings and other media items

This partnership aims to reduce access barriers to research output for nano scientists and researchers across the globe and will bring together material currently distributed across different institutions in a fully searchable repostory. Importantly, it will assist nano researchers and scientists in exploiting and disseminating the foreground of research activities.
Together, we will:
  • provide links to your research papers, abstracts, and even conference proceedings online for free on both sites.
  • enable members of the international nano community to find your output.
  • host your abstracts, articles and papers, of all of which are searchable by author, publication date, subject area and keywords.
  • issue joint blogs and announcements to the nano communities about latest additions
What next?
You don’t need an account to access current research. To find the latest papers together with links to journals, go to For research past and present, you can search using keywords, author, yearof publication or title at
You send it, we’ll share it.
To apply for an editor’s account so that you can upload your own peer reviewed papers and publications, contact Lesley Tobin:
About the Institute of Nanotechnology ( and the Nano Archive (
The Institute of Nanotechnology ( is a not-for-profit global organisation that works closely with governments, universities, researchers, companies and the general public to educate and inform on all aspects of nanotechnology as well as advanced and enabling technologies. It engages in consultancy, public information provision, identifying and coordinating new research projects, market intelligence, advertising and sponsorship opportunities, and promoting education and training. As Project Coordinator of the EC funded, 4-year FP7 project ICPC-Nanonet, the IoN established the Nano Archive - an online repository of peer reviewed open-access papers, abstracts, book chapters and conference proceedings to reduce barriers to research access. For more information, please see
About The International NanoScience Community (
The International Nanoscience Community, TINC, was cooked up by Hungarian chemistry PhD student Andras Paszternak. It now provides a rich menu of communication tools for the international community of scientists working in the growing field of nanoscience and nanotechnology and recently passed the 6437 members mark, including researchers, students, industrial partners from Europe, India, the USA, and 70 other countries. TINC is open to everyone from post-doctoral researchers and professors to students everywhere. The virtual nano community is fully equipped with all the functions one expects from a modern online networking site: personal chat, a scientific forum, more than 100 thematic groups, including microscopy, nanomedicine, and even a discussion forum on safety and toxicity. TINC has also been a media partner for more than 90 nano conferences on different topics in 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012. “There is only one important assumption: you have to be interested in nano!” adds Paszternak.
Visit - The International NanoScience Community at:

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