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quarta-feira, 1 de agosto de 2012

Australian: Online petition - "Regulation of nano-ingredients in sunscreen"

They won't put nano on the label, but they'll put it in your sunscreen.

You may be surprised (and concerned) to know that many sunscreen products contain potentially dangerous nano-ingredients.
You won't find them listed on the label, because product manufacturers would prefer that you didn't know about them.

And because they're not legally required to list them on the label, they don't.

Scientists around the world are increasingly concerned that the addition of nano-ingredients to a whole range of consumer goods like food, clothing, cosmetics and medicine may cause serious health problems.

Because of this, regulators in Europe are introducing legislation to ensure that nano-ingredients used in sunscreens are labelled, and undergo safety testing.

But the Australian government refuses to take similar action here.

Take Action
Tell the truth. Put nano on the label.
Email the Parliamentary Secretary for Health, Catherine King

Dear Parliamentary Secretary,

Sunscreens containing nano-ingredients are being sold in Australia without labelling or safety testing. This may be putting all of us, particularly children, at risk.

To protect the health of all Australians I support:

- Mandatory labelling of nano-ingredients
- Mandatory nano-specific safety testing
- No more sales of untested and unlabelled nano-sunscreens

Yours sincerely,

[Your name]

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