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sexta-feira, 23 de agosto de 2013

Brazil Rejects Labelling Bill over Nanotechnology Worries

Source: ChemicalWatch 

Author(s): n/a

The government of Brazil recently rejected a proposal that would regulate the labeling of cosmetics, food and pharmaceuticals, as the provisions related to nanomaterials were deemed insufficient. The Commission for the Environment, Consumer Protection and Surveillance and Control (CMA) and the Commission on Social Affairs (CAS) both of which reviewed the bill, concluded it did not require sufficient information on the safety of nanotechnologies used in production processes. The commissions said this lack of information would lead to regulatory bodies being unable to make informed decisions on the possible risks to consumers. An alternative bill, which is still pending in a hearing before the Senate, would require that products carry a label showing they have been produced by a nanotechnology process or contain nano-size ingredients.

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