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quinta-feira, 23 de janeiro de 2014

ISO publishes control banding approach for controlling worker exposure to nano-objects - ISO/TS 12901-2:2014

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has published a new technical standard entitled “Nanotechnologies – Occupational risk management applied to engineered nanomaterials – Part 2: Use of the control banding approach” (ISO/TS 12901-2:2014). 

The document describes the use of a control banding approach for controlling the risks associated with occupational exposures to nano-objects, and their aggregates and agglomerates greater than 100 nm (NOAA), even if knowledge regarding their toxicity and quantitative exposure estimations is limited or lacking

Control banding is a tool utilised to control exposure, as a means of risk management, in order to prevent any possible adverse effects on workers’ health. The control banding tool described in this technical standard is specifically designed for inhalation control. 

Some guidance for skin and eye protection is provided in the first part of this standard, which was published in 2012 (ISO/TS 12901‑1:2012).

Both parts of the standard are available to preview on the ISO Online Browsing Platform.

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