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quinta-feira, 23 de janeiro de 2014

Nano-solutions for the 21st century: Unleashing the fourth technological revolution

Nano-solutions for the 21st century

New report published on advanced nanotechnology - solutions for the 21st century" 

Dr. Eric Drexler together with colleagues from the Oxford Martin School from the Programme on the Impacts of Future Technology published recently a report on advanced nanotechnology – Nano - solutions for the 21st century.

The report examines the potential for nanotechnology to enable deeply transformative production technologies that can be developed through a series of advances that build on current nanotechnology research.

The report in its entirety provides a comprehensive overview of the current global condition, as well as notable opportunities and challenges. 

With all five sections taken together, the report as a whole describes low-cost actions that can help solve critical problems, create opportunities, reduce security risks, and help countries join and accelerate cooperative development of this global technological revolution. 

Of particular importance, several considerations are highlighted that strongly favour a policy of transparent, international, collaborative development.

The full report can be downloaded from (PDF, 3 MB).

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