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quarta-feira, 21 de dezembro de 2011

NanoCode (FP7): MasterPlan and CodeMeter for the EU-CoC for N&N now published

The EU funded NanoCode project has elaborated strategies and options for the development and implementation of the "Code of Conduct for Responsible N&N Sciences and Research (EU-CoC)". The developed MasterPlan document and the CodeMeter (self-assessment-tool) were recently published.

The NanoCode Project

NanoCode is a European project funded under the Programme Capacities, in the area Science in Society, within the 7th Framework Program (FP7).
The aim of NanoCode is to develop a strategic framework (called 
MasterPlan) guiding the further development and implementation of the Code of Conduct for Responsible Nanosciences and Nanotechnologies (N&N) Research (EU-CoC). The development of a practical tool (theCodeMeter) to help stakeholders assess their performance in complying with the CoC’s principles form a key element of the framework. 

The MasterPlan

This MasterPlan builds on the insights gained from encompassing stakeholder consultations in eight Euro-pean countries as well as at international level, in particular in the associated project countries Argentina, South Korea and South Africa. The consultations, made by an electronic survey, structured interviews and focus groups, involved more than 400 stakeholders worldwide, to assess attitudes, expectations, needs and objections regarding the EU-CoC. The findings are summarised in separate reports1. The results of the sur-vey, the first draft of this MasterPlan and the CodeMeter prototype were deliberated during the National Workshops with national stakeholders in all partner countries.

In this report, selected ideas, options and recommendations concerning revision and implementation of the EU-CoC will be presented and discussed with a focus on stakeholder preference, practicability, need for structural and substantial changes of the EU-CoC, and compatibility with the governance context of the ex-isting EU-CoC.

Download and further information: MasterPlan Download (In Englisch; Pdf, 1,6 MB)"Issues and Options on the Path Forward With the European Commission Code of Conduct on Responsible N&N Research" 
CodeMeter Download (In Englisch; .xls, 435 KB). 

Further information on the project are available on the NanoCode Website

Fonte: The Innovation Society

MasterPlan and CodeMeter for the EU-CoC for N&N now published