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quarta-feira, 25 de janeiro de 2012

Hoffs turn out in force for sunscreen campaign

HEALTH Minister Tanya Plibersek will have a horde of David Hasselhoff lookalikes to contend with this morning.

The faux Hoffs are Sydneysiders and Friends of the Earth members dressed to resemble the man they call a beach safety icon, in order to raise their concerns with Plibersek about nanoparticles in sunscreen.

The Hoffs will be in Hoff masks and will also wear red and white, lifeguard badging and will carry surfboard and beach paraphernalia. The Hoffs plan to present 1000 signed postcards to Plibersek at her office in a bid for nano-sunscreen regulation and labelling.

Nanotechnology campaigner Gregory Crocetti said nanoparticles had been used in Australian sunscreen for years because they helped the sunscreens rub on more transparently.
''We are worried the free radicals from the nanoparticles could cause cancer,'' he said.