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sexta-feira, 23 de março de 2012

NanoGagliato 2012

The 5th Annual NanoGagliato conference will be held July 25-30, 2012 in Gagliato, Italy. 


NanoGagliato is a small, invitation only, research conference that gathers nanotechnology leaders from around the world to form a multidisciplinary think tank focused on solving the most crucial problems in clinical care that face us today. 

The conference includes two days of research seminars and brainstorming sessions in Gagliato, followed by two days of informal discussions at the Capo Rizzuto and Le Castella.

The 2012 theme is Translational Nanomedicine.

Clinical scientists and entrepreneurs will discuss current challenges in healthcare and together with nanotechnology scientists, they will develop innovative strategies that will form the underpinnings of future clinical technologies.

In parallel with the NanoGagliato Conference proceedings, the Piccola Accademia of Gagliato of NanoSciences will convene its First International Conference on the NanoSciences, in collaboration with The Health Museum of Houston, TX, USA.

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