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quarta-feira, 28 de março de 2012

The Rule-Of-Three. Digimed (Brazil)

Within this section, Nanobugle will test the 3 main key success factors for the development of new nanotechnology/nanoscience companies.

This week: Brazil


1) How was the company born?
With 30 years of tradition, Digimed is leader in the development and manufacturing of Analytical Instrumentation. DIgimed provides clever solutions for many Engineering fields; Automation, Analysis and Control, holds ISO 9000 certification and its products have CE certification. Its headquarters was created according to international standards. Composed of units strategically aligned, Digimed strives to provide each client with is complete, efficient, and reliable solutions.
2) Added value of the products/services
This is a private enterprise which works in analytic instrumentation and analytic sensors. The products can be used in the petrochemical, chemical, paper and cellulose, mining, metallurgy, pharmaceutical, food, beverage, health, automotive and fuel sectors.
The products are divided in 3 families, potentiometry, amperometrics and spectrometry.
The main products are: combined electrodes, PH and ORP analyzers, lab measurements, conductivity analyzers, Cloro analyzers, field measurement and field colorimetry.
3) Business Strategy
Digimed’s products and services answer, amongst others, can be applied to a number of sectors such as: Paper and Cellulose, Mining, Metallurgic, Chemistry, Petro-Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics, Food, Beverages, and Sanitation.

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