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terça-feira, 13 de março de 2012

Training of Over 12,000 Nanotechnology Experts in Iran

TEHRAN (INIC)- Secretary of Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council Dr. Saeed Sarkar announced that over 2,600 university lecturers have so far worked on nanotechnology in their articles and theses, and there are more than 12,000 nanotechnology experts at the MSc and PhD levels in the country.

In the closing ceremony of the First Strengthening Camp for Nanotechnology Human Resources, Dr. Sarkar said that this camp was organized in line with Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council’s objectives and prospect, which are the improvement of health and people’s life quality by using nanotechnology.
“One of the objectives of Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council is to develop technology based on the production of knowledge and science related to nanotechnology. To this end, it is mandatory to strengthen the scientific stamina of human resources in this field,” Dr. Saeed Sarkar continued.

According to him, the development of human resources results in scientific development, and it can result in the production of new products, commercialization and the production of wealth.

The Secretary of Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council added, “In the field of relationship between university and industry, no one thinks about the presentation of knowledge-based products to the market. We need to change the way of thinking of university lecturers and students to change their behavior. Knowledge-based economy blossoms in university and when the knowledge-based companies come out of the universities and research centers, products are produced that realize the economy based on knowledge.”

Pointing to 65 knowledge-based companies active in the field of nanotechnology in growth centers, Dr. Sarkar stated that the required circumstances for the recreation of the relationship between industry and university have been provided at the moment, so each of the needs of knowledge-based companies is investigated in a university thesis.

He put emphasis on the fact that in order to fulfill this goal, Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council provides additional financial support to the students who work on theses that are needed by the industry.

The First Strengthening Camp for Nanotechnology Human Resources was held in order to teach the concepts of business and entrepreneurship to nanotechnology freshmen students at the MSc level.

Fonte: INIC