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terça-feira, 13 de março de 2012

Nanotechnology: 5 years on

Photo: RIA Novosti

The Russian government has allocated 27 billion rubles, or about 900 million dollars for the construction of infrastructures since the decision to launch nano-industry was taken five years  ago. 
More than 1,500 organizations are working in the industry, 150 higher educational institutions and 200 research institutes are busy with new developments. In 2007, a state corporation charged with the building of  a nano-based  national economy was established by a  presidential decree. The corporation now has branches in 16 regions and that figure will be doubled before the end of this year.

Russia is among a few countries where the nano-industry decisions are being implemented systematically, points out Andrei Petrov, head of the Education Ministry’s Scientific and Technological Department.

In  several  countries, there are only separate or narrow directions, while in Russia all the aspects of the technology are being  developed simultaneously, including equipping, infrastructural  and communication instruments, training of specialists, promotion of security, as  well as the metrology of the use of nano materials and nano-technology. In essence, the whole spectrum of nano-industry  is  in focus in Russia”, said Andrei Petrov.

The production of new composite materials – a nano-based polymer which is replacing the traditional construction material is  among the successes of the  project. The materials are used when reinforcing bridges  to increase their load carriage capacity. It is  highly significant that such materials are cheaper than the  traditional ones.  

Super-strong springs made according to the technology are being produced in Izhevsk and they have no equals in the world.  Their use in railroad construction reduces the expenses significantly. Other important items benefiting from the use of the technology include optics from Germany,  indispensable  in night  vision equipment, mass production  of wear-proof items made  from nanobased ceramics, creation of fool-proof packaging films with nano-covers and  other modern technologies.

The Russian Nano Corporation has received more than 2000 applications for the introduction of innovative developments since 2008, but only the best of the best  and promising are picked, says  Sergei Kalyuzhny, Director of the Nano-Corporation’s Department of  Scientific Technological Expertise. 

We have a clear scientific technological policy  and five priority areas in which we invest. They are nano-materials, optics and electronics, energy efticiency, medicines and pharmaceuticals, as well as the modification of surfaces. In addition, there is what is called the omnibus section where all  the projects, including the production of equipment for the nano-industry are deposited”, Sergei Kalyuzhny  said.

Reviewing the work of the Nano Corporation in the first five years of its existence,  Academic Mikhail Anfimov of the Russian Academy of Sciences  stressed  that the  foundation of knowledge in the field of  nanotechnology is being laid in Russia.