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quinta-feira, 19 de julho de 2012

Italy: The Accademia of Gagliato of Nanosciences

History of NanoGagliato

Welcome to NanoGagliato

In the summer of 2008, Dr. Mauro Ferrari and Paola Ferrari invited a close group of nanoscientist friends to Gagliato. These friends were world leaders in nanotechnology, and spontaneously engaged in four days of intense, format-free scientific discussions, interspersed with trips to the beach, local folklore, debates with the local townsfolk, and family-style banquets. The innovative thinking and collaborations born from this gathering inspired the group to continue meeting annually, inviting new experts to join in the venture each year.

This event has become known as NanoGagliato, and grown into an annual invitation-only nanotechnology conference and evolved into a think tank focused on translational innovations. 

In 2009, the group established the nonprofit association The Accademia of Gagliato of Nanosciences to oversee the development and planning of these conferences. The conferences themes are as follows:
  • NanoGagliato 2009: Frontiers and Priorities
  • NanoGagliato 2010: From the Lab to the Clinic
  • NanoGagliato 2011: Nanotech Solutions to Translational Challenges
  • NanoGagliato 2012: Pioneering Nanomedicine
A junior association, Piccola Accademia di Gagliato, was also created in 2009 to teach the children of the townsfolk and NanoGagliato participants about nanotechnology

La Piccola Accademia di Gagliato launched the first series of educational activities for schoolchildren in the summer of 2010. This lively and very successful program was inspired by the NanoDays series developed by the NISE (Nanoscale Informal Science Education) Network.  Approximately fifty children from Gagliato and nearby towns attended this educational festival, which included games, presentations, trading cards, and a Q&A session with the scientists.