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terça-feira, 17 de julho de 2012

“Nanotechnology: What’s Hot and Sexy”

Centro Nacional de Nanotecnologia (NANOTEC)

“Good things come in small packages” said Prof. Louis Hornyak of AIT, Center of Excellence in Nanotechnology (CoEN) referring to the development of nanotechnology research and its contribution to improving the economy. Prof. Hornyak was speaking to academics, researchers, and entrepreneurs at a recent NANO Talk session organized by NANOTEC on “Nanotechnology: What’s Hot and Sexy”.

“Did you know that the US Department of Energy has designated the creation of a hydrogen economy because it is clean and forms water upon combustion?’ asked Prof. Hornyak. “The US and many developed nations are looking to hydrogen being the next generation for alternative energy”.
Prof. Hornyak also commented on the use of nanotechnology (quantum dots) in the development of 3rd generation solar cell which is multi layer cells, light weight, flexible, and makes many new applications possible.
In 2006, Mihail C. Roco the author of Nanotechnology’s Future which was published in Scientific America said that by 2015, products incorporating nanotech will contribute approximately $1 trillion to the global economy. About two million workers will be employed in nanotech industries, and three times that many will have supporting jobs. The figures have since quadruple as more countries are making investment in nanotechnology research for economical gain.
 It is without a doubt that nanotechnology contributes to the development of various industrial sectors such as automotive, healthcare, food and agricultural, and security.
NANO Talk is a monthly public forum organized by NANOTEC for researchers and visiting professors to exchange knowledge and be updated on technology trends. Visiting professors to Thailand are encouraged to participate. To review past NANO Talk sessions, please log on: