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terça-feira, 17 de julho de 2012

Nanotechnology Coloring Book

Nanotechnology Coloring Book Cover
NanoSonic developed a free nanotechnology coloring book to provide teachers with a resource for helping young students better understand the world of nanotechnology (links below to the pdf files might take a minute to dowload as they are large files for higher quality printing). This coloring book contains pictures and text related to nanotechnology on about a US fifth grade science and math level. Most of the images appear as abstract art. Students can let their imaginations run wild because most images of the nano world are taken with an electron microscope in black-and-white; researchers then apply their own colors to make them interesting and show special features. The coloring book and answers sheets are available in English and French so far (pdfs below).
Some of the images in the coloring book are based on Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) photographs by NanoSonic research scientists Lee Williams and Liz Gladwin; they show materials developed in our laboratories. Other images are from around the world. All images are identified with a credit line. If applicable, each image includes an approximate measure in nanometers, for reference, as well as a question related to grade level science and math.
This coloring book was funded in part by NASA. It was designed by Robin Rogers, Andrew Teates and Sally Green of NanoSonic, Inc. It was reviewed by Virginia public school teachers Brandi Smith of Macy McClaugherty Elementary/Middle School in Giles County and Susan Mauney of Blacksburg Middle School in Montgomery County. The cover illustration was created by Sally Green based on a NanoSonic SEM image by Lee Williams.

Coloring Book

 Nanotechnology Coloring Book (19MB)
NanoSonic created this free, downloadable coloring book to provide teachers with a resource for helping young students better understand the world of nanotechnology.

 Nanotechnology Coloring Book ANSWERS ENGLISH(581 kb)
This Answers Sheet provides solutions for the Nanotechnology Coloring Book questions, produced by NanoSonic.

 Nanotechnology Coloring Book FRENCH (12 kb)
Ce livre contient des photos et des textes liés à la nanotechnologie au niveau la science de qualité cinq aux États-Unis. La traduction de l'anglais vers le français a été fournie par Caleb Reed, un étudiant de français à Christiansburg, Virginie.

 Nanotechnology Coloring Book ANSWERS FRENCH(585 kb)
These are the answers in FRENCH for the 2012 Nanotechnology Coloring Book from NanoSonic. RÉPONSES 2012 Coloring Book Nanotechnologie.

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