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sábado, 14 de julho de 2012

Researchers argue for inclusion of liability costs in nanomaterial risk assessment

 Researchers have published a framework to integrate the legal liability in addition to environmental health and safety in the risk assessment of nanomaterials, in the journal Environmental Science and Technology.

The authors state that the wide scale development and use of nanomaterials is expected to produce expensive regulatory and civil liabilities for nano-manufacturers due to lingering uncertainties, unanticipated effects and potential toxicity. Therefore, an estimate of this liability risk should be integrated into risk assessment to provide investors with a basis to compare different technologies and practices, as well as informing regulatory and legislative bodies in determining standards that balance risks with technical advancement.
The researchers illustrate their framework using a hypothetical case of a manufacturer of nano-titanium dioxide, using the resulting expected legal costs to evaluate alternative risk-management actions.

Fonte: Chemical Watch